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Monthly Archives: November 2008

Thriving Through This Financial Chaos

Greetings friends.  Given the state of the economy today, women are asking me over and over, “What can I do in my professional life and career to help me deal with what may be coming down the pike for me, including a lay-off?”

While each individual’s situation requires its own evaluation and game plan, it’s critical to take three essential steps that will allow you to thrive through change, not be crushed by it.  For those who’ve read my book, these three steps will be familiar, but they bear repeating here.  They are:

1) Step Back – to gain an empowered perspective

2) Let Go – of thinking, assumptions, and behaviors that hold you back and keep you stuck

3) Say Yes! to yourself, and to knowing that you have the power you need to thrive, and achieve your life visions

How to begin:

1) Step Back to Gain an Expanded, Empowered Perspective

When things around us seem to be falling apart, we can feel out of control.  We often see ourselves as victims of a fickle world, powerless to affect positive change.  However, this is not the case – I believe we are active co-creators of our lives, and that we have much more power to direct our lives than we are aware of. 

How can you connect to that power then?  By gaining a new perspective on what’s happening to and around you.  This suggests that it’s time to stop in your tracks, and take a long, honest look at where you are professionally.  Do you love your job and your career?  Would you be terribly sad to lose it (except for the money it provides)?  Do you feel it’s aligned with who you truly are? 

If the answers to these questions are “No!”, then now’s the time to begin on a path of expanding yourself in ways that make financial, professional, and emotional sense. 

What new training can you embark on now, that would energize and stimulate you?  What new skills can you acquire, or new projects can you embrace at work, that will help you stretch and strengthen, but also allow you to move in new directions that will be more meaningful to you (and therefore more valuable to your employer and your career)? 

If you feel shaky at work because it doesn’t reflect you, then you might indeed be the one who is selected for a layoff.  It happened to me after 9/11.  Outwardly very successful and a strong contributor, I was included in the downsizing, I believe, because this position and company was the worst fit in the world for me… absolutely wrong, and it showed.

So use this time now to take back the reins, and look at your career as something that you can shape, build, and direct.  Step back to realize that you have more power than you think.  Get on a path of aligning yourself with your work.  It will show, and you’ll find greater security (internally and externally) in the knowing that you are, happily and finally, in synch with what you do.

Stay tuned for Steps 2 and 3!

Many happy breakthroughs,

The Power of Asking for Help

Greetings. As I’ve been speaking these days about Breakdown, Breakthrough with other authors, I’ve been truly awed by their generosity, openness, and support for this new author.  These open-hearted men and women around the country have given freely of their insights, guidance, and hard-earned lessons from their triumphs and “bumps” (my new favorite word!) in launching successful books and businesses.

I’ve wondered about this gift of connection and collaboration, and how new it feels for me.  I’ve also been quite startled by the feedback I’m receiving at my seminars.  People come up to tell me that they’re deeply moved by my “authenticity.”  When I ask them to elaborate, they share that, in their life and work, they feel surrounded by manipulation and a lack of forthrightness and candor, or sincere caring.  It seems to me that people are suffering today from an epidemic of inauthenticity.  When we encounter real openness in an individual, and experience their heart-felt wish to be of service through honesty and integrity, it’s a shock!  We’re so unused to it that we’re surprised at how inviting and enlivening it feels.

I’ve learned these past months that asking for help is one of the most powerful things I can do (despite my resistance to it).  Being honest about what I don’t know seems to have created a new space or what I call a “breakthrough” circle – a circle that invites in other like-minded individuals who wish to be open, supportive, and caring, simply because it feels so good to do so.

My recommendation is to ask for help today.  Be open about where you feel out of your comfort zone, where you need some guidance and support.  Don’t hold back or “hide.”  Coming forward openly will help you create your own breakthrough circle, right in your own backyard.

Many happy breakthroughs,

Welcome to the New Ellia Blog!

Greetings and welcome to the new Breakdown, Breakthrough Blog! This serves as a forum for discussion, insights, and exploration for all individuals wishing to get unstuck from their current situations, and break through to passion, power, and purpose in life and work.

For readers of my book Breakdown, Breakthrough, please visit my new book site at, and use the blog there to share your experiences and insights (triumphs and bumps too!) as you read and use the book, and move through your breakthrough progress. We all can learn so much from you.

I’ve love to share a recent breakthrough of my own. On October 16th, my company Ellia Communications, Inc. won a competition for the CT award from the Make Mine a Million Dollar Business program, sponsored by Count Me In for Women’s Economic Independence ( Participating in the competition and presenting my 3-minute business pitch to a live audience and a panel of judges (something like “American Idol” meets “The Apprentice”) stretched me in new ways that were previously unimaginable!

This experience confirmed that being a part of an empowering group that believes in your compelling visions (and your ability to make them a reality), can bring you to amazing new heights. If you’re a female small business owner and one of your dreams is to build a million dollar business, don’t wait…join the Count Me In community.

Congratulations to the other three CT winners! They are:

Laura Eiman of Eiman Designs (
Kim Orlando, TravelingMom, LLC (
Karen Hinds, Workplace Success Group (

Check them out! They’re talented and creative women, turning their passions and dreams into million-dollar businesses

Thank you for sharing generously, and wishing you many happy breakthroughs.
Kathy Caprino

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