Greetings and welcome to the new Breakdown, Breakthrough Blog! This serves as a forum for discussion, insights, and exploration for all individuals wishing to get unstuck from their current situations, and break through to passion, power, and purpose in life and work.

For readers of my book Breakdown, Breakthrough, please visit my new book site at www.breakdownbreakthrough.com, and use the blog there to share your experiences and insights (triumphs and bumps too!) as you read and use the book, and move through your breakthrough progress. We all can learn so much from you.

I’ve love to share a recent breakthrough of my own. On October 16th, my company Ellia Communications, Inc. won a competition for the CT award from the Make Mine a Million Dollar Business program, sponsored by Count Me In for Women’s Economic Independence (www.countmein.org). Participating in the competition and presenting my 3-minute business pitch to a live audience and a panel of judges (something like “American Idol” meets “The Apprentice”) stretched me in new ways that were previously unimaginable!

This experience confirmed that being a part of an empowering group that believes in your compelling visions (and your ability to make them a reality), can bring you to amazing new heights. If you’re a female small business owner and one of your dreams is to build a million dollar business, don’t wait…join the Count Me In community.

Congratulations to the other three CT winners! They are:

Laura Eiman of Eiman Designs (www.picpads.com)
Kim Orlando, TravelingMom, LLC (www.travelingmom.com)
Karen Hinds, Workplace Success Group (www.workplacesuccess.com)

Check them out! They’re talented and creative women, turning their passions and dreams into million-dollar businesses

Thank you for sharing generously, and wishing you many happy breakthroughs.
Kathy Caprino