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Monthly Archives: August 2009

Getting Help to Build Your Business

In the past several years, I’ve coached a good number of other coaches, consultants, healing and wellness practitioners, and small business owners ways to build their community, develop a powerful speaking platform, get their books published and read, and launch successful programs.


I believe that as coaches, private practitioners, and small business owners, many of us were not fully equipped or prepared when we launched our businesses to do what it takes to build them profitably and successfully; instead, we had a “build it and they will come” mentality that didn’t generate results because it wasn’t aligned with powerful business-building strategies.


One key step that helps you build your community, attract great customers, and expand your marketing reach is to develop and deliver impactful seminars and workshops in your professional niche that educate and enliven your community, customers, and clients.


If you’re interested in developing seminars and workshops that really work – and sell – below are six key steps to launching them successfully.  These are essential actions that I’ve learned — the hard way — through my own years of development as a national women’s work-life expert and speaker:

1)       Identify the specific area(s) to focus on in creating your seminars

2)       Determine which programs you truly want to offer, versus those you think you “should”

3)      Build your community and audience through partnership, affiliation, and relationship

4)      Price your seminars so that you achieve a targeted audience and make money (and when to offer programs free)

5)      Title your seminars so they stand out and grab the customer

6)      Brand yourself and your business so that you are differentiated from the competition, and able to name and claim your “sweet spot” 


The key is to understand what truly holds you back from delivering successful programs and services, and move forward to overcoming these obstacles.


Entrepreneurs need straight talk and practical help to build your businesses successfully.  The Make Mine a Million Dollar Business programs and community give you just that – real, hands-on support to develop, and implement, effective strategies that work for you and your company.  Thanks M3! 


To support the cause, I’m launching a new teleseminar program created specifically for coaches, consultants, small business owners and private practitioners, called Developing Powerful Seminars that Work – and Sell.  Hope you’ll check it out.


Don’t wait until it’s too late to get the help and support you need.  Reach out today – to M3, a powerful business mentor or consultant, a business-building community or entrepreneurial network of your choice.  It’s just an email, phone call or meeting away.  It’s in your “vortex” to be wildly successful (as Abraham-Hicks says), and it’s up to you to claim it!


Wishing you many happy breakthroughs,

The Global Woman’s Crusade

Nicholas Kristof’s New York Times article “The Woman’s Crusade” of August 17th is very moving, about the plight of women and girls in our world.  Hope you’ll check it out here.


In response to Kristof’s “Half the Sky” competition for compelling stories of individuals who are empowering girls and women in the developing world, I submitted for consideration my inspiring friend and colleague Theresa Wilson, Founder of The Blessing Basket Project.  Here’s my post on Kristof’s blog.


The New York Times Magazine this Sunday is a special issue focused on women in the developing world, including an extract from “Half the Sky,” the new book by Nicholas Kristof and his wife, Sheryl WuDunn.   May it become a true movement that betters the lives of girls and women everywhere.


It’s truly amazing what one person can do to reduce world poverty and oppression. Each of us, in fact, can make a vast difference in our world. One small dream, followed by aligned action, changes everything.


Kristof’s work makes me want to do more, and be more, and it makes me think, “What else can I do today?”


May breakthrough be possible in ourselves and our world today,


Women and Speaking Up

On Saturday, I was a guest along with a terrific communications consultant Diane DiResta on a neat radio show: Live with Lisa! Radio – hosted by Lisa Wexler. The lively and revealing discussion centered around the issue of women and reinvention, career transition, and speaking up with power and purpose. Check it out!  Here’s the full show.


Speaking up with authenticity and power for women is very challenging.  Our diffiulties in speaking up, I believe, are less about our inherent capabilities and more about our “nurture” experience – how we’ve been raised and culturally trained to “be and act” as women. In my book Breakdown, Breakthrough, I’ve written an entire chapter specifically about this issue (Chapter 7: Speaking Up with Power), and I offer concrete approaches to overcoming this challenge.


There are three overarching steps to take when you can’t speak up for yourself:


Step Back: to explore past trauma you’ve experienced in speaking up

Let Go: of your fear and negativity around expressing yourself

Say Yes! to your personal power through your every word and action


Taking steps to gain power in expressing yourself leads to true breakthrough, and to the ultimate experience of using your voice to positively impact your work, family, community, and the world.


Breaking it down, here’s what needs to happen to have a breakthrough in your personal expression:


1) Say what you need and want to

Each moment of each day, identify exactly what you want to say, and begin saying it – without being overly-emotional, state your views with surety, confidence, and self-trust.   Think about the conversation you most need to have today to move forward in life or work, and have it!


2) Use positive language always

As the fabulous little book The Four Agreements explains, one key to personal freedom is for you to agree to “Be Impeccable With Your Word.” This means to avoid sinning against yourself or anyone else through your words. Watch your language at all times – is it negative, diminishing, demeaning, or lacking in hope or possibility? If so, change it!


3) Heal past suppression

Most women have experienced at some point in their lives a traumatic time in which they were criticized, punished or worse for speaking up. (By the way, men don’t experience this challenge in the same way, for a number of reasons.) If you’re afraid to speak up, get some help from an empowered mentor, coach, or therapist who can lead you away from your fear of communicating your true self, and help you heal. You didn’t experience this trauma so that you’d remain silent your whole life. You experienced it in order to move through it, once and for all.


Now’s the time to be all you came to be in this lifetime, and you can’t do that if you don’t speak up.


Happy breakthroughs,


Surviving and Thriving Through Tough Times

Many clients have asked me how to keep moving forward in their lives when what’s appearing in their lives is crushingly challenging.


The tips below will help you stay focused and energized, and keep you on your way to your future life visions, despite the bumps that emerge in the present situation.


Don’t Let What Appears in the Present Fool You

We often forget that what’s appearing in our lives today will not last.  One thing is certain in life –change is a constant.  What’s occurring in your life and work now is a confluence of many factors (your beliefs and patterns of behaving, the lessons our world and humanity need to learn, etc.).  But your future will look very different if you embrace that possibility.  For instance, if you’re struggling with money now, this doesn’t necessarily mean you are doomed to battle with money your entire lifetime. 


Begin now to see what’s happening today as information – evidence of what is working well, and what is not.  Use this information to guide you to make some vital changes in your thinking and actions so that what you dream of can indeed become your reality.


For me, these times have led me to learn the hard way what it means to be a better marketer and communicator of my company’s services, and to be a creator of new, useful programs that are relevant to women in these changing times.  I’ve always found it distasteful to “hawk my wares.”  But there’s a vast difference between “hawking” and getting the word out widely so others know what you offer and do.  I’m getting “hip to my trip” about being shy regarding promoting my services.   I know now that I’ve got to get over it if I want to continue to help people in a big way.


What habit do you need to let go of today that’s holding you back?


Appreciate What You Have While Being Excited for What is Coming

When we’re facing hardship or struggle, it’s very difficult to achieve a state of appreciation.  But appreciating where you are is essential to bringing into your life more positive events and circumstances. 


Appreciating where you are means you understand that in some critical ways you’ve signed up for these challenges — co-created them, one could say – for your own expansion.  Not on a conscious level, but on a higher dimension.  Embrace what your life is giving you as a way to grow into what you want more of.


Raging against where you are in life is like rolling a ball uphill over and over, and being angry that it keeps rolling back down over you.  Either change how you roll the ball, or stop feeling resentful at what is (or better yet, do both)!


Take time each day to appreciate the good that you’ve created in your life thus far.  More of it will surely come.


Don’t Listen to the Naysayers

When you’re feeling down about your tough times, you sometimes encounter negative people who think they know better and more than you.  These naysayers often say,”I told you so!” or “I knew that would fail,” or “What were you thinking?”


My best advice is to turn a deaf ear to the naysayers, and focus instead on those who are compassionate, encouraging, and uplifting to you.  Seek out those who believe in you 3000%, who trust in your capabilities without reservation. 


Sure, we sometimes need to hear difficult counsel, but make sure the advice you heed is from an empowering, positive, knowing source.  Ignore advice that feels wrong, diminishing, or negative, or is based on someone else’s limitations or agenda.


Surround yourself instead with those who want you to be all you can be in your life and work.


Ask for Help

Finally, in tough times, we need to ask for help.  Let go of your need to be perfect, right, or invincible.  Ask for assistance and support to get you through. 


An encouraging friend, mentor, family member, or coach can be of great help when times are hard.  He/she can help you see beyond what you’re experiencing, make sense of it in terms that are meaningful to you, and connect you to the realization that you’re not alone.


I’ve found too that the best kind of support comes from your “higher” self – the dimension of you that experiences life from a broader perspective than your ego-mind is capable of.  You can access insight from your higher self by forging a relationship with it, connecting with your inner guidance and knowledge by asking yourself questions each day, and listening to the answers.


Trust yourself, and act on your own intuition and inner guidance.  You won’t steer yourself wrong.  Check it out for yourself.


(For a bit of help overcoming the 12 common crises women face today, please check out my book, Breakdown, Breakthrough.)


 *     *     *     *     *

Tough times are rampant right now in our world.  The question to ask is, “How may I use this trying situation to inform, uplift, and expand me as I continue on the path that compels me?”



“You gain strength, courage, and confidence
by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You must do the thing which you think you cannot do.”

Eleanor Roosevelt
You Learn by Living, 1960

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