Welcome to Episode #6 of my weekly video blog Work You Love!

Today, I’m addressing a powerful question I received from Tina about a challenging relationship with her boss:

“My boss is out to get me. I have more experience than she does. She’s threatened by my work, and my solid community of friends and supporters. She undermines me, and keeps me from gaining exposure to senior leadership. I’m considering going to HR to talk about this situation, but I’m reluctant to take that step. What do you think?”

Here are my thoughts on that:



Don’t despair – you CAN deal with these challenges, and find a way to take control. Get some outside support in the form of a sponsor, mentor, or coaching buddy to help you brainstorm and pursue new, effective ways to address this problem.  There are other alternatives besides fight or flight.

Today’s top message (and tweetable):

CLICK TO TWEET: If your boss undermines you, take control of the situation – you don’t have to remain a victim.

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