In honor of Twitter’s #Friday Follow tradition, I decided to “Friday Follow” myself all around the office and the house today, to observe what the heck I do all day as an entrepreneur, career coach, writer, and mom, and to see where the time goes.


So here’s what my TO DO list today looked like:


1)      Be a caring mom – Get kids up, ready, fed and off to school. DONE!


2)      Clean – the dishes and straighten house. DONE!


3)      Think Ahead and Prepare – Make sure there’s something for dinner.  DONE!


4)      Read – everything I can get my hands on, about working women, work-life balance, and careers.  DONE!


5)      Keep up-to-date – Check my Google alerts on women, careers, women’s event, and women’s books. DONE!


6)      Blog – Write a post for three of my blogs.  DONE!


7)      Write – Prepare an article for submission on women’s work-life balance. DONE!


8)      Promote – Reach out to interested folks about my upcoming audio and video series. DONE!


9)      Connect – Have lunch with my husband and have meaningful conversation (and fun). DONE!


10)  Produce – Take one step towards finishing an author clip for my site.  DONE!


11)  Be a caring child – Call my parents to check in. DONE!


12)  Biz Develop – Connect with two neat West Coast coaches and consultants to talk about collaborating.  DONE!


13) Confirm – planning details of my seminar with executive women Monday. DONE!


14)  Edit – Work on editing an audio clip of a recent teleseminar to meet my deadline.  NOT QUITE DONE!


15)  Exercise – NOT DONE AT ALL! 


16)  Email – Answer my skillions of emails and delete the spam and mindless crap and promotions. DONE!


17)  Mentor – Help out colleague who’s a bit down today, and offer support. DONE!


18)  Coach – Conduct my career coaching sessions with clients. DONE!


19)  Be a caring parent – Be home/available for my son’s return from school, talk and share, and give a snack – DONE!


20)  Administrate – Pay bills (my favorite task – not!). DONE!


21)  Be Social – Friday Follow and RT on Twitter, and add new stuff to FB and LinkedIn. DONE!


22)  Watch – as my head exploded, then vent about it to my husband (just kidding! – not really)


23)  Transport and Shuttle – Pick up my daughter from sports at school. DONE!


24)  Cook – Make dinner for family, and “hang” – DONE!


25)  Clean – up the mess – DONE!


26)  Post again – Write this piece. DONE!


27)  Collapse – into a heap. DONE!


28)  Rest – and enjoy an online episode of “GLEE.” NOT DONE, BUT WILL BE TONIGHT – gleefully! (After I un-heap myself).


OK!  That was my day, from 7:00 am to 6:25pm.  Not so bad for 11.5 hours.  So why do I still feel like I didn’t come close to completing what I wanted to??


Ah, the joys of perfectionism and overfunctioning!


What was your TO-DO List and how well did you accomplish it?


Happy Friday, my friends!